Now we can offer you some Custom Built High Power LED bulbs to complete your interior!

1-LED High Power LED bulb (replaces T5, 74, 37, 70 bulb)- $6.50

Works Great in Key Ring and Cig Lighter. Hyper White is Awesome in Glove Box! 

5-LED High Power LED bulb (replaces 194, 168, 2825, 921, T10 bulb)- $8.50


This Hyper White LED bulb is Amazingly Bright and works great as a replacement Trunk Light and Lic Plate lights! Can also be used in your running lights (plug and play)

HIGH Power LED Festoon bulb - $8.50


Replacement for your Dome and Map lights. Available in Hyper White, Red and Blue.

***Package Deal*** - 1x Dome, 2x Map, 1x Trunk, 2x Lic Plate, 1x Glove Box - $40

Color Combination


And now some examples of how bright they are! And they are BRIGHT!

From Top to Bottom: 

1. Just dome Light ON in Hyper White
2. Hyper White Map lights with Hyper WHITE dome light
3. Hyper White Map lights with Hyper RED dome light
4. Hyper White Map lights with Hyper BLUE dome light